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eMedia-CS es un software potente y fácil de utilizar que le permite crear, codificar e imprimir tarjetas de identificación de calidad con algunos clics.

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eMedia-CS está disponible en tres versiones: Standard, Professional y Expert.

La versión Standard ofrece todas las funciones para diseñar e imprimir tarjetas de identificación, codificar datos en bandas magnéticas y conectarse a una base de datos Excel.

Además de estas funciones, la versión Professional ofrece opciones de conexión a tipos de bases de datos suplementarios, la posibilidad de codificar Smart Cards (chips de contacto) y un modo Red de las opciones de script para facilitar la integración en otras aplicaciones. Para hacer las conexiones a tus bases de datos (MS-Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC).

La versión Expert permite la instalación de eMedia-CS hasta en 10 Computadoras conectadas en red.

El software eMedia es la herramienta perfecta para la personalización gráfica, magnética y electrónica de las tarjetas plásticas.

Hay edición en español, se suministra una versión de prueba de 30 días.eMedia simplifica la creación e impresión de todas tus tarjetas:

  • Distintivos de empresa
  • Tarjetas identificativas de control de acceso
  • Tarjetas de afiliados
  • Tarjetas de fidelidad

y permite diseñar tus propios fondos de tarjeta al instante.


Compatible con TODAS las marcas de impresoras de tarjetas; como, por ejemplo:
Zebra, Evolis, Fargo, MagiCard, Matica y Data Card.

We are very proud to introduce you to the Ultimate Card Design Software: eMedia CS2. This version will give you a real pleasure creating and printing cards. It is more fluid, more friendly, easier to use and comes with a completely new design.

eMedia CS2 allows you to design, create and print with a simple mouse click.

Compatible with ALL printer brands, such as:

eMedia CS2

eMedia CS2 is brand new product.

However, it reads eMedia Card Designer & eMedia CS templates.

  • eMedia CS2 is the ultimate tool for plastic cards design.
  • Design and edit your cards in a user friendly environment.
  • Fill-in your card with texts, images, barcodes, QR-Codes and different shapes.
  • eMedia CS2 can read and modify data in your database.
  • Acquire your photos from your digital camera, webcam or smartphone.
  • Resize, crop, rotate and zoom your pictures with your mouse.
  • Print your card, encode the magnetic strips, write the smart chip in a single operation.

What you can do with eMedia

  • Identification badges
  • Security and Access Control badges
  • Transit passes
  • Membership cards
  • Customer Loyalty cards
  • Bank and Payment cards
  • Official Documents


Through years of experience and collaboration with multiple people on the card market, we have developed and refined features that allow a complete and unique experience:

  • Layers system
  • Geometrical shapes
  • Barcodes & QR-Codes
  • Multiple picture acquisition systems
  • Connection to all kinds of databases
  • Encodings

Powerfull Development Tools

  • Formulas
  • Scripting
  • Plug-Ins
  • COM Server
  • Wifimage +

Printers Compatibility

eMedia CS2 is compatible with all the printer brands and models:

  • All plastic card printers
  • Laser printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Ultra portable Printers (ex: Canon Selphy)
  • Adobe™ PDF
  • And many others…


El software se ejecuta en todas las versiones modernas de Microsoft ™ Windows ™, 32 bits o 64 bits:

Estaciones de trabajo: Microsoft ™ Windows ™ XP, Vista, Seven, 8, 8.1 y 10

Servidores: Microsoft ™ Windows ™ 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 y Home Server

Comparación de las ediciones de software

Dos niveles de utilización

Modo de diseño para diseñadores de plantillas, modo de funcionamiento para imprimir las tarjetas. Una contraseña puede evitar que los usuarios modifiquen la plantilla.


English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Simplified Chinese.

Support & Help

e-mail, users forums, contact page and online help by pressing F1.

Picture acquisition

Twain™, WIA™, Video for Windows™, folder supervision, FTP supervision, Wifimage™.

Pictures format

Transparency support.

Pictures storage

As files on a local or network disk and in the template itself.

Imaging tools

Zoom, crop, rotate and change opacity of the pictures.
Direct link to your favorite picture edition software.

Front & back

Design of the both sides of the card.


Adobe PhotoShop™-like layering.


Ability to use all the TrueType contour fonts.
Static and dynamic texts with ability of automatic resizing.


2 of 5, 3 of 9, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-8+2, EAN-8+5, EAN-13+2, EAN-13+5, EAN-128 & Codabar.


4 qualities: low, medium, quality & high.

Geometrical figures

Lines & diagonals; opaque, semi-transparent or transparent rectangles, circles and ellipses.

Custom card sizes

Ability to create up to 12 new card sizes. You can now print on everything with eMedia-CS.

Magnetic strip

ISO and non-ISO tracks #1, 2 and 3, JIS-Type II.
Eased programming interface.

Smart Card

Through any Smart Card application.

Contactless Smart Card and RFID Tags

Through any Contactless Smart Card application.

Contactless Smart Card and RFID Tags

Internal encoding and reading of Mifare Classic 1K and 4K cards.
Internal reading of 125KHz RFID Tags.

Microsoft Excel™ Datasheets

Ability to connect to Microsoft Excel™ datasheets.
Unlimited number of records.

Standard Databases

Ability to connect to industry-class databases (Microsoft Access™, Microsoft SQL Server™, Oracle™, MySQL™) through ODBC & OLEDB connectors.

Batch printing

Print multiple database records with search function.

Pictures storage

As path to files

Pictures storage

As binary objects in Microsoft SQL Server™ and Oracle™.


Ability to automatically calculate objects contents.


Support of a full featured scripting language: VBScript, just as web pages or Microsoft Office™ applications to extend the capabilities of the software by setting automatically values in objects and change every properties they have.


Extend the features of eMedia-CS with third-party components.

COM Server features

Easily integrate eMedia in your own applications and documents. Control eMedia from an external application such as a Microsoft Excel™ worksheet, a Microsoft Access™ application or an HTML page.

Wifimage +

Integrate eMedia-CS in a Wifimage+ solution for entering data, pictures and signatures from an iPad or iPhone Device.
Print remotely and obtain your badge on your iDevice.

CoolReader™ Technology

Select database records by reading a barcode, a magnetic strip, the Mifare or the RFID Tage serial number.

Signature Pad Support

A full support for Signature Pads, for an easy signature acquisition.

Software Key

No broken or lost dongle.
License activation can be performed 24/7.

Single computer license

The software can be used on a single computer.

Multiple computers license

The software can be used on up to 10 computers on the same network.



  Download as a PDF file


DEMO software. There is an edition in Spanish , a 30-day trial version is provided.